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Breaking Down Barriers
to Employment​

The Michigan Disability Empowerment Coalition  (MiDEC) is an alliance of committed partners who are working hard to break-down the barriers that exists for persons with a disability.  

Our mission is to ensure that all persons with disabilities are treated with respect and have full access to gainful and equitable employment.
MiDEC understands that disabilities come in many different forms.  Everyone is welcomed at the table and we celebrate and embrace our many differences.  

If you have a disability and are having trouble finding gainful employment or if you are an employer who is looking for qualified talent, please contact us today.
MiDEC brings together a coalition of statewide partners who represent the disability community from the private, public and nonprofit sectors.  
To learn more about the great community stakeholders who serve on the MiDEC Council, please visit our MiDEC Council  page.
MiDEC was created in the Fall of 2016, when a group of concerned indviduals came together to discuss the barriers that exists for persons with a disability when searching and securing gainful employment.

​The MiDEC Council is committed in helping to Empower, Educate and Advocate for all persons with a disability.  


​Empower and enable persons with disabilities to gainful employment by preparing employers and employees for mutual success.

We envision a welcoming and affirming community with more inclusive hiring practices which remove barriers to entry for persons with disabilities.

Core Values  
Connecting abilities and purpose & Empowering the ability in disability.

We Need You!
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